Building a greenhouse

KGP GREENHOUSES erects greenhouses and working areas all over the world. We provide tailor-made solutions and take a customer-oriented approach by adjusting projects to your requirements. If required, we can build a complete project, complete greenhouse construction including all devices and equipment inside the greenhouse.

Usually it is client responsibility to bring water and electric inside the greenhouse, also gas, telephone lines and internet, and the rest can be done by KGP GREENHOUSES. Land leveling jobs, digging works, send and concrete delivery, we can organize in a way that it is most cost effective for the client and project in general.


If you are looking for a greenhouse made of high-quality, affordable materials and devices, then KGP GREENHOUSES can satisfy your needs.

We make greenhouses from materials which originate from Netherlands, Poland, Germany and other EU countries. These are the materials which are specified by the Dutch NEN standards for building a greenhouse. Every construction is being statically calculated by latest version of the „Casta Kassenbouw” computer program.

Greenhouse equipment:

KGP GREENHOUSES can not only deliver greenhouse construction with glass, but also all the devices, equipment, and materials for growing. This is including: complete heating system, boilers, ventilators, assimilated lighting systems, water pumps and automatic irrigation units, as well as sorting machines, generators, electric cranes, cables, cable ducts, wire netting, “turn key” projects.

You need a greenhouse building license?

After signing of the contract, every client will receive, with no extra costs, complete “Casta Kassenbouw” statical calculation, together with a set of drawings required for getting local building license. We work closely with your local architect on making the building license, and the result is quick and efficient.

You do not have a local architect ?

We can recommend you one of the architects who live and work in your country, and with whom we had projects before and who is experienced with greenhouses.